Wednesday, February 4, 2009

13 Garfield Street Glens Falls, NY

Open House, Sunday, March 1st 2009
12 noon- 4PM, Tea & Treats
See The Studio, Meet The Teachers


8:30 AM Kundalini (Danielle)
3:00 PM Ever So Gentle (Pam)
6:30 PM Yoga Dancing Meditation (Pam)
6:30 PM Kundalini (Danielle)
8:30 AM Kundalini (Danielle)
6:30 PM Ananda Meditation (Marcie)
3:00 PM Ever So Gentle (Pam)
5:30 Laughing Meditation (1/2 hr, Pam)
6:30 Integral Yoga (Pam)
8:30 AM Kundalini (Danielle)
8:30 Am Kundalini (Danielle)

Second Sunday's (by donation only)
2:00 PM Chant for Peace & Planet (Studio & Friends)
3:oo PM Meditation for Peace & Planet (Studio & Friends)


Kundalini- Kundalini yoga is an ancient system that help s us to move our energy through the body, develop will of steel, and a compassionate heart. Kundailini Yoga was brought here to the West by Yogi Bhajan, the original maker of Yogi Tea. Classes include working with the chakras, meditation, kriyas, breath work, self inquiry and deep relaxation.

Ever So Gentle
- Honor your body with soothing stretches, simple strengthening postures to relieve pain and discomfort, calm the mind and end in a luxuriuos deep relaxation.
Yoga Dancing Meditation- Celebrate your soul with yoga, dance and meditation. Finish off with the most wholesome nutrient for your soul...deep relaxation.
Laughing Meditation- 1/2 Hour class to help us laugh at life's lesson's and ourselves.
Integral Yoga- The yoga class Sri Swami Satchidanada brought to the West after he made the opening address on world peace at Woodstock.Class includes classical postures, deep relaxation, meditation, chanting, self study and breathing techniques.

Chant for Peace & Planet- Celebrate and protect the bounty of this beautiful planet and the peace that dwells deep inside each being as we lift our voices in many tongues.
Meditation for Peace & Planet- 1/2 Hour offering to peace & planet.

Open Classes
$10 a class
$55 6 classes
$95 12 classes

Contact Danielle Lyons
Phone: (518) 792- 0843

Contact Pam
Phone: (518) 744-5565

Contact Marcie Savastano
Phone: (518) 761-6060